Project activities


Project Management


During preparation stage both project partners have worked on the project preparation equally and implementation activities have been discussed and approved. Under the discussed themes they agreed to have own staff for implementation period representing Project Manager, Public Procurement Manager, Project coordinator, Communication responsible, Financial responsible, Technical responsible and Public procurement responsible.

Project management team will lead tendering procedures during first months of implementation period and will contract providers of services according to their project proposed activities.


Joint Partnership


Joint Partnership will be created through several Project Technical meetings in order to clarify and develop technical documentation and recommendation for:

1. Elaboration guideline for a joint cross-border approach for handling emergency situations based on processes and activities initiated within the USES project;

2. Dеsign and dеvеlоpmеnt оf Jоint Аctiоn Plаn covering disaster resilience and mitigation and awareness raising campaigns for the cross-border population on the hazards and risk, with the following programme expected results: hazard management and current rescue service for flood prevention measures, risk management system and cross border rescue services/system; joint disaster risk prevention and management as one of the main cross border priorities; enhance the shared management of common risks at a cross border level;

3. Prevention and alarm guide in Romanian and Bulgarian language;


Equipment, vehicles and inventories


Basically USES project aimed to purchase specific equipment, vehicles and inventories for prevention and handling emergency situation (motor vehicles, specific wagon trailer, tractor, water carrier vehicle, auto aerial platforms, bobcat, excavator and others)

Aquisition of equipment and services for improvement the crisis center in Ovcha Mogila, Creating Training center in frame of the Crisis center in Ovcha Mogila, Individual equipment and personal protection equipment, vehicles and specific inventories, firefighting equipment and emergency rescue equipment.




Communication activities are important for raise awareness of the project results to the targeted group on Programme level and in same time to general public including business support organizations, interest groups including NGOs, local public authorities, national public authorities, regional public authorities, sectoral agencies and etc.  We designed a simple communication campaign for both partners including: Press-conferences, Roll ups, Outdoor banners, Leaflets, Note pads, Ballpoint pens, Flash memory storage devices, Web page and on line platform realization;



Project „Uniform standards, enhanced coordination – common security” is cofinanced by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme.

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The amount of the EU contribution: EUR 840 993,87

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